4t yuan spent on rural development

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HK, Macao in good shape, building for future growth

China's top legislator starts visit to Iran for closer ties


The gas pipeline to Israel and Jordan in Egypt's Arish was bombed in the wee hours on Sunday, a local security source told Xinhua.

The central parity rate of the yuan against the US dollar ended 6.3319 yesterday, up 23 basis points over Wednesday, according to China Foreign Exchange Trade Center. But the spot exchange rate in the morning session reached to 6.3636, hitting the lower limit for the seventh consecutive day. Global Times

The reactor is the first to resume operations since the massive earthquake and tsunami of March 11 sparked an atomic emergency at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in the northeast of the country.

China to build two more Antarctic research stations by 2015


For his part, President Eduardo dos Santos welcomed the visit to Luanda by Liu and his delegation, which he said would serve as an impetus to the ties between the two nations and the ruling parties. The president also commended and thanked China for its assistance in the post-war reconstruction and economic development process in his country.

Only Germany, Russia and the United States kept readings above 100. Japan, meanwhile, stood out as the only country not yet headed for a clear slowdown, registering a modest 1-point decline in its CLI to 102.5 from 102.6.

Government also believes that the two countries hold differing opinions on the handling of dissidents. However, this is surely not the core of Merkel's agenda at this time.

Over 30 feared killed in bus accident in northern India


The court last month ordered the company to pay the German compensation, which comprised allowances for unpaid salary and bonuses, a renting subsidy and remuneration for his relocation to China.

China plans to decrease leprosy rates by 50 percent over the next 10 years, according to a joint plan to fight the infectious disease issued by the Ministry of Health and ten other ministerial-level institutions.

Fortunately, the Brightness Action initiative has given these patients a chance to regain their vision.


Spanish consumer confidence hits record low in July












plug sockets said Zhu and shared benefits

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    Wen reduces fiscal burden for exporters

    Besides, Hong Kong has an open and complete complaint channel to resolve doctor-patient disputes, from special departments to the neutral public complaints commissions.

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    Obama admits "huge problem" in security of Benghazi consulate

    Strong northerly winds of level four to six will blow through most parts of North China and Yellow River-Huaihe River region, the NMC said.

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    Wukan pays tribute to former protest leader

    If the matches are still contaminated by business or political interests behind the scenes, no matter how well a player plays, or how fiercely a match is contested, the game will lose its essence and the beauty of unpredictability will become a scam. In the end, international players and coaches pocket their money, leaving Chinese players struggling far behind their counterparts around the world.


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At that time, Botswana's Agriculture Minister Christian De Graaf told the parliament that the observations made in a report on inspection indicated that there were deficiencies in official controls, traceability, abattoir operators and certification procedures.

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